Saturn is one of the most enterprising planets that doesn’t allow nonsense and shows you the mirror every now and then ... It is the most difficult if dealt with over confidence and the most easy if coupled with gratitude and acts of kindness .. I am in my Saade Saati since January 2017 and I have been learning eternally from this planet and it’s magnanimity .. The phase guides me to be true to my own self .. if I believe in the if’s and but’s I remain the if’s and but’s and my evolution is negligible but when I move on and embrace being an infinite being I actually become one with my soul’s purpose ..

I went to Shani Shingnapur yesterday and I had some amazing experiences which I would like to share .. I’m not a very religious and dharmic someone so instead of pouring tonns of oil or taking thaali of Puja I rather wish giving an amount I deem fit to various people I see in and around the temple premises with a wish that my hard earned money will bring some light to the lives I willingly wish to touch ..

Happily distributed funds to several around the temple and felt the warmth of sharing and caring with a touch of kindness .. I had promised someone that I would take 8 pair of chappals/ floaters and give it to anyone and everyone in need; interestingly while going inside and coming outside I was only looking at the feet of the onlookers but everyone had decent pair of chappals hahahahah!! As I had bought the 8 pairs of floaters I was restless and only told Shani Dev plz make sure I give the floaters to the right people and leave the Shani Shetra!

Sat in the car and again started looking here and there and my anxiousness increased coz neither anyone was visible nor I could give a single pair.. The diver said madam we can’t stand on the road as the security will not allow that and we had to move ahead ... I felt sad and remembered Shani Dev and only repeated Sir Saturn, my intention if in anyway is to benefit from this act I’m ready to take the floaters back without any regrets but if my intention to give these are true you will make sure it happens with ease and joy ...

Moved some 500 miles and then the temple premises ended however now the lands which had sugarcanes being harvested began. To my amazement I saw a farmer working on the field and exactly 8 small huts in the field itself! I got my answer, the driver had taken the car ahead so requested him to move back which he happily did and I happily came out of the car, called the farmer’s wife and handed over 8 floaters when I actually saw 8 farmers (men) coming towards the lady from their respective huts .. I gave my share of contribution as well as I felt farmers are the actual Annapurna and acknowledging them is the most important responsibility one can live with ... immediately thanked Sir Saturn for blessing my intent and my heart to do the act without duality ..

One absolute truth that I learnt yesterday is Nothing that we do can fail if our intent is clear and pure .. No planet, No god, No higher energies can stop us if we keep our neeyat perfect ...

The lesson that I articulated “Neeyat hi Neeyati hai”

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