As a child I would forget, forgive and move on without thinking twice .. I never believed in holding anything but love .. I was naturally awesome at living the now and letting go anything that isn’t happy including unhappy memories and forgetting hurts or complications .. I guess we all are like this as children ..

Conditioning and embracing revenge, guilt, comparisons, resentment and holding onto unnecessary complications began around the teen age when the EGO started taking shape and the ME took a wrong path ... Rebel was the next stop followed by unhappiness and feelings of being stuck as I loved being in an unforgivable attitude even if it meant giving away my peace .. I only knew if I am not loved and accepted, I will make sure I’m embraced at any cost .. Forgiveness was a distant lost emotion..

Teen age left me with minimal self love as a major shift had shifted my happiness to unhappiness and as an aware adult to bring back the happy me meant to free myself from guilt and goon from the root ..

Forgiveness is a shift from easy to being at ease and I am sharing the ways I did it for myself:

1- Forgiveness begins from giving a hi- five to your inner peace .. Greet the inner peace with less burdens to begin with .. Set a clear intent of living life to the fullest and your journey in being happy truly initiates ..

2- Don’t bug yourself with over analysing your journey and emotions, just be and let it be!

3- Write all that you are holding for example: I am holding my body fat; I am holding sadness for XYZ and while writing observe your wellbeing ..

4- Only when you are ready to forgive get going .. kindly avoid doing it under any external trigger including this write up .. If you are not willing just enjoy this write up as one of those gyaan vardhak posts that you omit reading till the end hahahaha ..

5- Do what makes you light - and I mean this .. I assumed non forgiving is amazing as I block the emotions and nothing bothers me .. Believe me the more we block the more they bother us .. Write how would u make your life light and lighten your burdens by moving on and emptying the cup of nonsense every now and then ..

6- Forgive yourself and seek forgiveness daily- this removes blames/ victimhood and instils gratitude/ grounding ..

7- Create your own follow up exercises... frankly I have never been into any forgiveness workshops and I feel this is everyone’s personalised agenda ..

8- Hug yourself whenever your brain says I am NOT going to forgive and tell yourself I am loving myself more as I free myself from holding any NOT SO required emotions .. I respect myself and the other being in question.. immediately your focus changes ..

9- Do this daily without counting days and write to me the journey ..

10- I forgive myself for anything that has not allowed me to love my true being and I seek forgiveness from all whom I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt at any time in any way .. I am free flowing and I wish everyone this amazing feeling of “Free- Ness”!!

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