Someone posted on the forecast for the day this profound question asking me, “Why is letting go so important?” And I asked my self Ahaa what a thoughtful thought provoking question .. Why do we all think- talk but never or hardly walk our talk on letting go..

And then a series of questions came one after the other getting me into the writer mode early morning:

1- Why is it so difficult to accept the Present as a Present and not a pile of past baggage?

2- Why do I always drift to the hurts the person or event or episode or phase gave me when I come in similar circumstances/situations, why can’t I just move on?

3- Why can’t I be optimistic and happy when it comes to moving away and moving on and being in the NOW?

4- Why don’t I break my pattern of garbage thinking, packaging it with self created assumptions and keeping it intact for endless time?

5- Why do I have so many why’s when it comes to being light on past and aware on the now .. Why-Why-Why???

And a few answers came to me as channeled messages from some realm:

1- We have been conditioned since birth to keep hanging in the past as all drama comes from the past and keeps us in the past forever!

2- The now is the sum total of what I did in the past and unless I loosen myself on the innumerable conditions apply I just cannot move on, keep letting go at bay!

3- “I- Me- Myself gives birth to I am always correct” theory and is the first trigger that gets us into the blame game, never allowing us to live at ease and baggage free..

4- Only if we start living a simple fact - “Khaali haath aaye hai Khaali haath hai jana, halke ho jao puraani baaton ke bojh se, khuda Kasam Salaam karega zamana!”

5- Letting go is important not for anyone but for the person who desires to embrace the pearls of the present ..

6- Letting go begins with moving on and not escaping .. move on but don’t run away .. Be in gratitude for all that your past has given and thank each one who has been a blessing or a learning ..

7- Start with forgiving self and realising your guilts .. once you are light the world around is your reflection ..

8- Nothing changes if nothing changes and never say never .. Break your patterns by writing your heart out in a journal and ask for help if you alone can’t deal with your patterns .. I am sure the universe will send you an intervention and you will be helped ..

9- Observe how your health issues start vanishing like magic as you become baggage free ..

10- Be your own light, be your own guide .. Let go at ease and let no drama creep into your peace and pace ...

I am working on point 5 and 6 - I am taking time but I’m surely becoming aware on how I chose to shift my focus from past to present .. Which point are you working on??

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