#Ancestral Blessings and Healings

I haven’t done any course on Ancestral healing but as my Father sent me two pictures of my Maternal lineage something in me asked me to just write and told me messages would flow - This write up is just a representation of what is coming up from the ancestors that are in me in different ways .. * We are not just flesh and blood, we are not just soul and body, we are not just beings who are here to live this life and move on .. think well is our configuration so simple? * When I was born everyone said I look like my Father, my father in turn looks like his mother who in turn looked like her mother and so on so forth .. We not only look like our ancestors but we all carry genes/ karma/ abilities and vulnerabilities which have been passed down from generations altogether .. * We all carry patterns that vests in us either from situations or from our genes - I am sure I have the genes of a writer that comes from some of my ancestor so I bow down in all gratitude for this powerful tool after all “Pen is mightier than the sword” * We are a sum total of the combined lineage of our parents and hence both the Paternal and Maternal sides hold equal importance. Seek for forgiveness on anything that you see is unhealed in you and send love, kindness, compassion and huge respect to your genetic lineage every day .. * Remember at all times your choices will determine your healings and cutting of patterns is like freeing yourself, your ancestors and your coming generations from a vicious circle which knowingly or unknowingly has become a potent karma and releasing it is a pressing requirement.. * If I let go a pattern, fear, habit, cord or otherwise anything which comes again and again to me, with awareness and love imagine the mammoth amount of healings I am doing to my being and the seed that I have in me which is of my ancestors also gets healed! * The God/ Goddesses/ Religion/ Beliefs/ Traditions/ Rituals and anything else you so passionately follow is not yours alone but again is coming from several generations altogether so keep the faith ongoing without questions or judgements.. * Acceptance is bliss yet their is always a scope of improvement so whatever your higher self asks you to accept do that without questions, the ones you get guided to improvise do them again without questions.. * Kindness and Love towards self are the only way to heal our karma and when we heal ourselves we heal all generations back and forth! * Affirm “I love and heal my being in all divinity and release all cords freeing myself from anything that has been affecting me” Reply - “Blessings Flowing” if you resonated to the post 🙏

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