All about Mobile Numbers By Priyanka Ghode

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

And so I have been getting many messages all over social media on how to interpret Mobile Numbers-

Step 1- Add your mobile number omitting the country code so for example your mobile number is +91 976589765 omit the +91 and add 976589765 ... you will arrive at 62 and then add the 62 to a single number thus reaching the mighty 8!

Interpretation of the Numbers:

1- Your mobile is all about initiatives and idea, great for people who are into start ups .. awesome for the lazy bumps as you can’t stay lazy with this cell phone!

Word of Caution: Domination and Boasting has to be uncreated by the user ..

2- Your mobile is all about being a listener and go a step ahead and being a counsellor .. awesome for the ones who need to smell the roses every now and then in this fast paced world!

Word of Caution: Laziness and Overthinking should be checked from time to time!

3- Your mobile number is all about being creative, fun loving, learning and being infinite.. Believe me your phone is never silent if internet is closed then game applications are buzzing and vice versa .. Silence has no place!

Word of Caution: Take Care of being Scattered and or wasting time in gossips!

4- That’s my mobile number addition and the world knows I just can’t take phone calls with or without reason. I am 24*7 happily on the work mode .. I am hard working and disciplined as my phone doesn’t allow frivolous activities .. This is a number of dedication and perfection!

Word of Caution: Rigidity and Systems make life robotic!

5- What a breather and breezer with the 5 creeping in .. When your phone adds to a 5 you are the most popular, in demand, happening star always on the go .. A number for travels/ movement/ communication/ abundance!

Word of Caution: Boredom and Completions need to be worked upon with awareness ..

6- This mobile number is a tag line for luxury/ prosperity/ Family/ Love and healing .. A number that has the magic to keep your phone busy with appointments and business!

Word of Caution: Don’t get drained by over responsibilities neither become a people pleaser!

7- This mobile number total attracts spiritual and philosophical messages/ calls/ friends and people .. This mobile is only interested in sensible data and keeps the user away from drama and nonsense .. Away from socialising the phone seldom rings!

Word of Caution: Keep away from Sarcasm and triggers of depression!

8- This mobile number is all about money and work .. Either you are talking profits or losses/ work coming or work being lost but work and business happening or not happening keeps the phone buzzing ..

Word of Caution: Money is what money does - Beware!

9- This mobile number is all about supporting/ helping/ being there/ giving and uplifting .. A great number for anyone who is good with working for causes and standing tall for people and ideas ..

Word of Caution: It’s important to use NO at the right time and with the right pace else you lag in the emotional race!

Enjoy your phones, and work on making self better!

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