knowledge sharing on Life Path Numbers:

Add your full date of birth and read to apply! Life Path talks all about our life’s purpose and apparently is the most amazing component which has a heavy responsibility vested in its shoulder .. to be on our path “GRATITUDE AND KINDNESS” has to be unconditionally embraced ... Here are some value inputs from Pri If you are a Life Path: 1- Gratitude towards your Father/ Grand Father and the ancestral lineage from the paternal side 2- Gratitude towards your emotions, patience and sensitivities 3- Gratitude towards your masters and gurus 4- Gratitude towards hard work and a never give up spirit 5- Gratitude towards the changes that made your get going attitude intact 6- Gratitude towards your Mother/ Grand Mother and the ancestral lineage from the maternal side 7- Gratitude towards your intuition 8- Gratitude towards Money 9- Gratitude towards your generosity and compassion .. Remember if you simply get up in the morning and with folded hands show heartfelt gratitude towards your life path number and it’s blessings you will see pathbreaking changes happening in your life ... Pri

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