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And so after the Receiving article many messaged me saying “Pri How to learn giving?” and hence this post is born through the universal intervention today ..

I have been a giver since childhood .. I loved going to Swaraj Bhawan (Home of the Orphans and Underprivelged) and save money to give them stationary or whatever I could in my capacity as a child and teen .. I am a born giver .. and believe we all are .. As adults we get so busy that we tag ourselves saying, “Kuch bachta hi Nahi to de Kya!”

Giving is a virtue and anyone can learn and imbibe it anytime .. You don’t need to do Jap- Tap or Sadhana to become a giver. A pure intent to share and care to embrace happiness for self and spread it to others will rekindle the already present giver in you ..

Like Receiving, Giving also has some buttons that requires to be put ON:

1- Affirm at all times, “I am blessed with abundance and I am spreading it around.”

2- Dete waqt gino nahi Aur munshi ji bano nahi - Just give without calculations cause the moment you wear the calculation cap .. Giving gets replaced by Conditions Apply!

3- I don’t somehow resonate to the term Un-conditional giving as I resonate to the term Selfless giving- My reasons being Unconditional has the word condition which gives me enough reasons to believe that you had pre conditioned your mind to give with conditions.. Selfless in itself speaks volume the easiest being while giving keep the self created ego less and respect and love the receiver with all your heart ..

4- Don’t give only to get tax rebates when giving for causes .. Make sure the cause is greater than your cause of getting relief!

5- The Easiest way to start giving is “Give time to your parents/ Plant trees/ Feed an animal/ Give a hug without reasons to someone around you/ Text an old friend/ Check on your cousins/ Help your house help/ Keep a bowl of water in the hot weather for the birds/ Take out your unused clothes good in shape and colour and hand it over to your watchman/ driver/ house help with gratitude/ Give a smile to unknown people and let your grocer keep the change money after shopping .. You will see how magically and without strain you learn giving ..

6- Write a letter to yourself every new moon day appreciating your giving instincts and start a gratitude chain for yourself thanking each one who has touched your life in some way .. you will learn giving compliments and smiles generously ..

7- Give when you are ready and not to show or prove anyone anything .. give anonymously and with all your heart .. Giving is a delight when it comes with only one intent and that’s ‘GIVING’.

8- Be kind and give HOPE to people who really need you at anytime .. I know this works wonders and many actually see a Ray of Hope sharing their hearts with you while you give just a listening ear which work miraculously for them ..

9- Give to Balance your life and emotions - Give Love so that you spread love .. don’t complain I am the only one giving cause then you have closed your receiving end and you are imbalanced .. Give at ease and let the universe bless you with getting what you rightly deserve .. Complains like “I am only giving never receiving” ; “ I give but people use me and take me for granted” ; “ I am always in dearth what will I give” are triggers which will never allow you to see the beauty of giving ... Give with joy and eject the Expectation button for your own peace!

10- Be Human and Be a light - Giving is the highest form of love you can show your fellow beings .. Give with love and care to be Human .. Remember their is a cycle you have to adhere to for your own evolution: Give - Give more as you will have more and keep giving as with each giving you become richer .. Keep your asking and receiving end open so that you don’t complain saying “I am only giving for the longest time and I don’t receive anything!” Give and Receive two sides of the same coin .. so give and get go hand in hand!

I have been working simultaneously on my giving and receiving and I am also open to asking whatever I want from life ..

You will write “Balanced” if you have been balancing your Give and Receive well or “Giver”/ “Receiver” if you are yet to become aware on how to channelise the one you haven’t yet tapped .. Which point are you working on can be added in the comments too!

Gratitude for giving your time to my write up - I give my heartfelt thank you to each one .. I hope something shifted for the good in you!!

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