Be open to Receivings!

We are all born with a purpose, everyone is remarkably different yet all strikingly similar- the soul within works on the same theory of karma- balance or imbalance our call. Whether we live in mansions or have a hut what don't change are the air that we breathe and the prayers that we offer, the sky above and the ground below serves a beggar and a multi millionaire alike. What differs is our state of mind and our attitude to deal with our own selves, our goals and our aspirations.

Numbers came to me as a gift from the universe when I was doing well for myself as a resume writer and content developer. I had a flair for writing ever since I was a teen and had a fascination for numbers since Lindagoodman was gifted to me in school. It is rightly said the universe serves us the right quality and the right quantity we want to be treated with and yes all at the divine timing.

My calling was for numbers. There are numerous schools of Numerology, popular being- Pythagorean, Chaldean, Vedic, Hebrew-Kabbalah, Chinese, South Indian among several more. In simple words, education is important irrespective of international or state board. Numerology makes one accept people, their thoughts, deeds, situations, experiences and the way they live life in a non judgmental manner. Numerology helps one realize his/her potential coming from the power of the date we are born on and the number our name adds to worth adding even the vowels and consonants play a pivotal role in our lives. While Numerology is a science of numbers, a numerologist is an artist, who colors your desires by the paint of his/her numerical imagination.

Understanding life's journey by way of numbers can be extremely intriguing-The more vivid the numerologist's imagery of your desires, the better your chances of progress and positivity. Each alphabet resonates to some values which in turn are ruled by planetary configurations. The vibrational changes with any change that the numerologist makes in your spelling are stupendous. Numbers weave magic by way of bridging the gap between one's desires and the destined outcomes.

Numerology is a healing modality that makes one accept life as it comes and doesn't believe in changing people or situations around but by making one strong enough to face any challenge that life throws...

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